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Tenchi Bery Enterprises is a crafting company focusing on costumes and accessories. All our items are made by hand and therefore everything can be customized. Our aim is to provide quality items at an affordable price. Check out our store or send us a message for more details!



Hi guys! Super excited about all the things happening with TBE! First we've had an awesome revamp of our site. Be sure to wander around and check it out! Second OUR WEB STORE IS OPEN!! We currently have some accessories up for sale. Be sure to check back to see as we add new products! 


Sorry for how long it's been. Life happened and focus was lost. But this post is to inform you all that Tenchi Bery Enterprises is BACK!! There's a lot of exciting things that will be happening so you really need to stay tuned and make sure to check in often to see all the cool things that are about to happen. 


If anyone is still following this page we highly recommend you go find us on Facebook. Visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date info. There are lots of big changes coming from TBE soon and you're not going to want to miss any of it!



Sorry for the long pause but TBE IS still up and running. We've also started a new "Mix and Match" jewelry line. Buy the whole set or just a few pieces you'd like to 'Mix and Match'! We work mostly off of our Facebook page theses days. So go Visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date info.



TBE is now on eBay! Our main baby/toddler costumes are listed along with a few pieces of jewelery and eventually lolita items. Be sure to check it out!



TBE has been mainly running off of FaceBook these days so sorry for anyone watching the site. You can follow TBE on Facebook Here

New items are officially up for sale so as soon as I stop being a lazy bum I'll get them posted here on the site. Right now you can buy items off our FB page and soon will be able to buy them off of eBay but be assured the prices on eBay will be slightly higher than if you buy directly from us. 



OMG so long since an update o_o. TBE has been busy! Tenchi entered Anime Festival Orlando's costume contest and together in a group with C.Orr and J.Hogan cosplaying as a Nurse Demon w/Alessa Doll, Pyramid Head, and Orderly Demon we won Best Prop for the re-vamped Alessa.   There are also a whole bunch of new costumes in the Cosplay Portfolio. We're having to drop EXPcon from a con list for this year but are trying to pick up ShadoCon instead. 



Attention Convention Going Cosplayers: Tenchi Bery Enterprises is currently in the works for something that has the potential to be something really awesome.
If you have a camera capable of shooting at least moderately good quality digital video with sound and are willing to record large amounts of your convention going process for this project please send Tenchi Bery (Or TBE on Facebook) a message and we'll fill you in on the details!



TBE just started a FanPage on Facebook!  Look for VBA to have one soon as well! Hope to see everyone at Megacon this weekend! 



Just added a semi-complete Cosplay Portfolio to the photo gallery in place of all the "Example" albums that were up. There's also an awards section that's been added in case someone wanted to see them. ^.~ 



TBE is now also Very Berry Anime! Same people, but focusing on anime fandom. Because of the direct linking between TBE and VBA, TBE will no longer have a forum or host convention photos. Both of these will now be found on VBA's site. So please! If you're a member of the TBE forum, go join VBA!  Also please bear with us while the transfer takes place. Thanks! ^.~



Happy New Year From TBE!! Here's wishing you all good luck and fortune in the upcoming year!



Happy Holidays from the Tenchi Bery Enterprises family to yours!  Hope you all get great presents and eat lots of yummy yummy food! 



 A few new pictures of some jewelry have been added to the accessories section. Go check them out! ^^



Just got home from Anime South V. Great time. Great con! ^.^ Also the last con of 2009 for me. I'll have a post in the forum soon of my planned conventions for 2010. Also Tenchi Bery has just won 3rd Place Best in Show at Anime South V for a re-vamped version of the Lisa Garland/Bubblehead Nurse with Alessa Gillespie Doll. The changes were slight but enought that i wanted to try entering it again. Alessa has officially been retired to the land of awesome costume props.  



New pictures of jewelry handmade by Tenchi Bery have been added to the Accessory section in the Photo Gallery! Go check them out! And remember TBE takes custom orders for ALL of our products! 


Happy Thanksgiving from Tenchi Bery Enterprises! 


TBE is officially back from Zonacon 2009.  Check out the photo gallery for the pictures I took. There is also an AWESOME announcement. As of Sunday 11/22 (coincidentally my birthday) Tenchi Bery has won 1st Place Best in Show for the Lisa Garland/Bubblehead Nurse with Alessa Gillespie Doll from Silent Hill!!! Talk about an awesome birthday present! ^.^ 


Tenchi Bery will be leaving for Zonacon in Orlando FL tomorrow! So if you can make it out there, be sure to come and if not, look forward to new pictures!


Awesome news! The guys over at Otaku Social Network have graciously decided to advertise TBE for the next month or so. I had to slap together a banner for them so sorry it's not the best quality, but go check it out. OSN is a great site that is in need of more members. Much luffs and thanks to them! ^.^


Tenchi Bery Enterprises officially has a site!! The MySpace page is still up and running so please go check it out  and join our friends list!