Tenchi Bery Enterprises

Reasonable Prices For Reasonable People

Rates & Services

We try to offer the best services for the best price possible. We want to meet your conditions not have you try to meet ours. If you have a limited budget, we'll work with you to get the best product for that price.

Costumes and Accessories

Costumes and Accessories are made specifically for each order. Prices very depending on availability and quality of materials. 

Cosplay Photography

Tenchi Bery Enterprises is based in Lakeland Florida. We prefer to work in this area but depending on situations we are willing to travel. We try to take photos that are just so right from the get go that they require little editing, though we do offer that service.  We do not charge for set up time or breaks; only the time we spend working.

Single Shots - Just one pose, not a full length shoot. Single Shots are 3 dollars a piece. This includes editing and the optional print out.

Full Shoots - A full photo shoot with an unlimited number of shots. Full Shoots are $20 an hour. This includes editing and print outs of a select number of pictures.